CADs, plans, drawings

We can all of the detailed drawings, plans (furniture, electrical, plumbing and etc.) and CADs for your repair company and other contractors to work with. It means that you can realize the design project at easy.

How it works

● The first step is to see the total square of the space. Our price depends on the square meter therefore we need to count it. After we have agreed the price you pay prepaid expense and we go to the next step.● If we have already created CGI for you then we start to develop all CADs, plans, drawings. If we don't have CGI for this project then we need a detailed terms of reference for work. We need to know which colours, textures, lights, finishes and furniture you want to use. Which size of bespoked wardrobe or bed your client wants and etc. Then we send to you all CADs, plans, drawings for approval.● You pay the rest and we start new project for you!